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Support Our Six Foundation Inc started as an idea.  An idea that a fire wife and a police wife could garner support from our fellow hero wife community to support a wife & children of a fallen hero- support that could extend past the initial "2 weeks".  After a tragedy, a family is supported immensely in the first 2 weeks after the event- over run with food, cards, donations and then all of a sudden, life continues on and the family is left to pick up the pieces.  Katie & Kara decided that no family in our community of heroes should have to do life alone in the weeks and months following their tragic loss.  We've created systems that have allowed us to give families food and supplies that they can use on the days when it seems like getting through the day is simply impossible.  We've created support for our six communities of heroes: police, fire, EMS, dispatchers, corrections and military. Hence, Support Our Six was born. 

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